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Diane's Cleaning Service

Oct 27, 2010

I hired Diane's cleaning service for the first time this month. The ladies did a deep cleaning of my whole house and left it absolutely sparkling.

I am so impressed! I am German a (and thus a bit exacting), and I come from a generation in which we were still taught the old-fashioned home-maker-only values of cleanliness. That clashes a lot with my modern-day career demands. So the cleaning fell a bit by the wayside, but the values were still there but unfulfilled - and that was making me unhappy.

I work from home (and thus use the home it 24/7), and I have a house full of pets. So you can imagine what Diane's team had to deal with.

But were they ever up to the job! They dealt with the mess (plus the cats plus me working underfoot) just beautifully while being friendly and totally professional. When they were done, the house looked and smelled like new. In some instances, they managed to clean things I had thought I would have to replace (like bathroom sinks and faucets).

I can enthusiastically recommend Diane's cleaning service, and I will most certainly continue to hire her on a regular basis.

Thank you, Diane and Tamika!

Ellen Fernandez

Aug 08/01/10

Diane has been coming to our office for a couple of years now. When she comes it is like a breeze of fresh air has come in and everything is shiny and smells clean. I always know she does a consistent and thorough job. She works in a very efficient routine and her value exceeds her cost. I would recommend her to any of my friends and professional peers and colleagues.

Randy Baker

Aug 08/01/10

To anyone who wants perfection:

I called close to a dozen house keeping agencies and "interviewed" them over the phone. The only person who seemed excited that I called, happy to work with me, and understanding of my current needs was Diane. I had just gotten out of the hospital and needed help cleaning - A one-time visit only!

I had never needed anyone to help me clean before and was a little ashamed my house was a mess; I didn't even know what to tell her or what directions to give without feeling like I was sounding bossy, but Diane and her team mate came in and got started cleaning right away. She cleaned things I never even noticed before. She asked me how long I wanted them to be there, started with my punch list, and even cleaned the lightbulbs, plus cob webs I hadn't even noticed before.

She was thorough, fast, punctual and courteous. Diane takes pride in her work. I have since hired her services several times. She is very pleasant, easy to work with, trustworthy, and flexible. I consider her a friend.

You can't go wrong!


Hi Diane,

Aug 08/04/10

Diane is incredible. Her company has been cleaning our home over the last 5 years, through two moves, two children, five pets, and two crazy work schedules. She is flexible, reliable, and does a great job every time she comes out to our home. My favorite day of the month is always the day she cleans for us when I come home from to work a sparkling home. We tried to cut back on her services to save money during these tough economic times, but realized paying for house cleaning is cheaper than marriage counseling. :) She's worth it!

Have a wonderful day!


"I highly recommend Diane's Cleaning Service to anyone interested in excellent service at reasonable rates. Her service is trustworthy, reliable and she is accommodating to my schedule. I've used quite a few cleaning services in many cities and Diane's is by far the best!"

Kamyar D.

"I have been meaning to email to say THANK YOU for Friday. The house sparkled, even the kitchen floor. What was the gal's name? She did a great job.

I'd like to keep working with her, if she is out this way regularly. We'd have to stick to once a month again, and can be flexible with dates."


"I just wanted to say thank you for having Lakisha come by yesterday. She did a FANTASTIC job - flawless! She was prompt, super efficient and very diligent. It seriously felt like Christmas - I'm thrilled!"

Nicole R.

"Diane has been the only cleaner that has been consistently responsible and trustworthy that I have found in Sacramento. She does a great job and I truly value her services. I have referred her to other people who also continue to use her services. I feel that I lucked out when I contacted Diane's Cleaning Services. Not only is she a great cleaner but she is a great person as well."


"Dianes Cleaning Service is the 4th one I tried in three years, and it will be my last. Diane and her staff are professional and personal. They are dependable, hard-working, and know how to please. With her Ive been able to keep my sanity while trying to maintain my household with two small children and a business. I dont know what Id do without her."


March 24, 2005

"I have been very fortunate to have various different people clean my house over the last 15 years. However, Diane is one of the few that have met my expectations. I am not a perfectionist, but I do appreciate a clean house. Diane is very thorough, especially in her overall dusting and cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms. My floors shine when she is through. There are no dust bunnies to be found when she has completed her work. She is easy to talk to when I have special requests or need additional cleaning done. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone who is trustworthy and takes her job seriously."

Sincerely, Karen Lowe

"We have been customers of Diane's Cleaning Service for over four years. Diane has done an admirable job keeping my house clean. We recently moved from a two story house with wall to wall carpets to a single story with about 70% hard wood floors. Diane makes them glow! We have recommended Diane's services to our closest friends."

Jim and Alana Connick

March 16, 2005

"I am happy to write a letter for Diane Meyers regarding her cleaning services. Diane has been cleaning our home for approximately three years. She is a loyal and trustworthy housecleaner. Actually, I consider Diane to be a friend that I trust alone in my home. I have never felt like I had to put anything away or have I ever worried about her being alone in my home. She does the job well! She knows how to clean and she keeps up a routine so everything gets done. I have never been disappointed with Dianes cleaning service. I love the way the house looks and feels when Diane is finished! She is very dependable and does a great job! In closing, I will state that before hiring Diane, I had at least five different house cleaners. In the past, I have found that house cleaners are always good at first. Then they get comfortable and the cleaning gets done quicker with less quality. I have found that Dianes quality of work continues to be excellent. I highly recommend Dianes cleaning services."

Thank you, Kathy Cooper

"Hi Diane,
I would just like to say how happy I am with your housecleaning service. It is so nice to come home to everything being clean and shiny. You are very thorough in your work. It is great to be able to spend more time with my family on my days off because now I'm not so worried about cleaning the house. I am very satisfied with the job you do."

Thanks, Adrienne

"For most of my life I have been cleaning my own home. As a young girl raised by a perfectionist mother, I learned at an early age how to scrub, sterilize and polish. My mother would follow behind my sister and me and check us, literally, with that dreaded white glove. I learned her standards of perfection, believe me. Now a mother of two teenagers, make that three if you count my husband, a huge home in the suburbs, and an unforgiving bad back, my doctors orders were to hire a housekeeper to do the back breaking chore of keeping my house kept. I have always heard horror stories of housekeepers doing the worst...breaking prized possessions, taking things, forgetting to clean the corners as well as cutting the corners. Of my girlfriends who were privileged with great housekeepers, theirs were too busy to take one more client. I began the daunting task of finding one on my own. Soon a flyer was left at my doorstep from Diane's Cleaning Service and I thought I would start there by interviewing her by telephone. That went well as she seemed to have a knowledge base of cleaning just like my dear mother's! To make a long story shorter, Diane has been with me for over a year and a half, coming weekly. She is careful, thoughtful, trustworthy and very conscientious. She makes natural stone sparkle with the utmost of care and dusts and vacuums well enough to make my mother impressed! Wow! I have referred Diane to those friends whose great housekeepers have come and gone and they love her too. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."

Sincerely, Christine Westbrook

"We have used Diane's services for many years and have not been disappointed. Diane, herself, is very hands on and ensures that those who work with her provide the same high-quality service she provides."

Rose Laur

"It has been my pleasure to have Diane Meyers as my house keeper for the last two years. Diane is professional, thorough, punctual and completely trustworthy. I have never been disappointed with her work. I have serious asthma problems and Diane always makes it a point that my home is as dust free as possible, taking extra time to ensure my bedroom is spotless. I have used other well known agencies in the past, but without hesitation, Dianes services are the best.I look forward to a long working relationship with Diane. I have often recommended her to friends, family and neighbors. A heart felt thank you, Diane, for your superior work ethics."

Sincerly, Lyn Piegaro

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